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Social Responsibility

Our activities

As Deniz Kapısı family, our corporate social responsibility understanding; We aim to enrich and move forward the social life in our country and in our district. We are trying to add benefit to the environment and society with our long-term projects and our projects on sustainable foundations. Being a company is easy, but we want to be a company that knows its responsibilities and values the environment and nature. We work for support of ongoing projects in our district and for our new projects.

What We Do

We have taken part in many projects such as Education, Sports, Culture & Art, Nature, Overcoming Barriers, Pink Ribbon, LÖSEV and we continue to acquire them. We want to leave a mark in people's life. We give back to the society what we earned from the society with our Social Responsibility projects in different areas. We continue our social responsibility projects for a good future.

Our Projects


The sea is the most important element of a seaside town. For sustainability at sea and a cleaner sea for future generations, we do not disrupt our cleaning activities before and after each season and we inform our guests about sea use.


Health in a Glass Bottle!

For a healthier and recyclable future, we now only sell Glass Bottled water and soft drinks in our restaurant. We send the returnable bottles to the Glass Bottle Center, which is contracted with Marmaris Municipality.


Let's Meet the Handicapped

In the project where we work as the Protection and Development of the Disabled, we meet the needs of the disabled and their wheelchairs.


We supported the musical instruments aid campaign for the sustainability of the RİTM group, which we realized with Istanbul EÇADEM Foundation and Mr. Mehdi Kaan Topçu. We would like to thank Mr. Mehdi Kaan Topç for the participation and continuity of the project that we have realized happily.

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